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“I hired these people to help me design my house project. The designer we had the pleasure to work with was Kristina Henbest. She took the time with us to find out what our vision was, what our likes and dislikes were as well. Then she set to it. I provided her with a starting drawing. Then she called us and worked with us to prefect the plans. Needless to say we have been blown away. I cant wait to break ground and start building. She has been such a pleasure to work with. The results speak for themselves. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended…”

Woodrow Morelock
Brighton, CO
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“Our Basement design process was a very enjoyable and professional event. Scott sat down with us and we built the design together on his computer equipment using the latest in design software. The design of the basement was well thought out and incorporated the items and features we wanted. Scott communicated the pro’s and con’s of our desires and suggested various ways to accomplish them in the basement design. At no time did we feel like the designer was pushing us in a design direction we did not want, as so happens with many designers. Scott provide us with the appropriate set of detailed plans/blueprints that the construction contractor was able to easily follow in the construction phase. All plans and blue prints met or exceeded the requirement of the city and county building codes. The permits were pulled base on these design plans with no issues. Scott was there to oversee the construction process to make sure that the design plans and physical construction, blended well, and moved forward smoothly. After almost four years of enjoying my basement, I am still amazed at how well the floor plan flows and fits our living style and needs. I am also very pleased with how the plans and blueprints dictated a quality construction process and product.

When it comes time for my wife and I to have our Kitchen remodeled you rest assured we will be calling on Scott and his design company to give us quality useful and functional design plans.”

Chuck S.
Denver, CO
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“I was extremely hesitant to work with an online design company, especially so many states away from me, instead of creating my own plans or getting a local architect involved. But I really was intrigued with the concept of a company specifically dedicated to designing fabulous-looking basements at an affordable cost. So after many months, phone calls and on-line research, I decided to take a chance and signed up for the first stage — custom blueprints. I’m very glad I did. My designer was a pleasure to work with, listened well, actually got excited about my quirky ideas, encouraged me to me very specific about my wants/needs/likes, provided suggestions I would never have thought of (as I’d hoped), good-naturedly scaled back where I knew the budget would be a problem yet offered great design solutions that I never thought I could afford, worked a few furnishings I already had into the design, and creatively incorporated a large last-minute request into the space. It definitely helped knowing a lot of what I wanted to get out of the space before I called while also being very open to new ideas, because I felt I really got the most out of our design time. I am highly satisfied with the plans, and thoroughly enjoyed the virtual walk-through online. Realistically, I did have to give up a few of my original thoughts but I got a lot more of the items on my wish list than I would have imagined! I have a large, open, unfinished basement the length of our house, and the plan includes 9 rooms/living spaces. It will be a hybrid DIY-&-contractor project that we will handle one piece at a time, over a number of years. So I was also very interested in the bill of materials and order of work services that DYB provides, given that I don’t really have a budget for the renovations and need to save up for each step. Once again I hesitated, but after many discussions with the DYB staff and months of thinking it over, I have just signed an agreement for those services as well. The staff at DYB is incredibly patient and amiable, and seem quite comfortable with folks like me doing renovations one step at a time. If I’m ever in their part of the country, I’d plan to stop by to visit — it feels like we’re old friends. ”

D M Mihalik.
New York
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“I am in St Louis and is in Denver.

Using the telephone, email and “’ they developed a design plan for my basement. I measured the perimeter of the basement and sent this information to them by email. We had our first on-line meeting via “”. While on the phone, they asked me what type of rooms I wanted in the basement: ie: kitchen, bath, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

A few days later I received a complete basement design along with notes and a list of required materials. I reviewed this and noted changes. We then had another meeting where they made the changes during the meeting. I asked for changes several times until I felt it was “finalized”.

I then solicited proposal from the various trades. After receiving the proposals, I emailed these to They evaluated these proposals and provided suggestions as to which one was the most cost effective for the various trades.

When discussing the project with the various trade persons, the trade people would offer suggestions which I frequently incorporated into the project and twice made the changes on the original drawing. was helpful in evaluating the suggestions made by the trade people.

I used this drawing to apply for a permit with the city.

The kitchen cabinets is a separate design and went smoothly and in a similar manner to the overall design.

I am currently about 60% thru the project and it is going smoothly.

The city and the trades people have all commented that my plan greatly exceeded in quality any plan that they had seen from a home owner and was more like one that was professionally prepared by an architect.

I very strongly recommend and would not even consided finishing a basement in the future without using this service. They were very helpful, offered numerous suggestions and were very easy to work with during this project. I’m 100% certain that the basement will be much better than any I would have gotten with any other method including using a general contractor.”

Joeseph M.
St. Louis, MO
Actual Review from Angie’s List

“We met the owner of Design Your Basement at a Home Show in Denver, Colorado in February of 2013. We were immediately impressed with his knowledge of basement finishing and remodeling. We had our home built in 2007, but the basement was unfinished. We planned to finish the basement ourselves and we had a basic outline of what we wanted to do. But after meeting with the staff at, we realized it would be a wise investment to have a professional help design our basement and draw up plans that were drawn to scale. We told them upfront that we wanted to do the work ourselves and that I would act as our General Contractor and do some of the work myself. We had subcontractors that we wanted to use. That was not a problem with the staff. They said they would design the basement. They said if we needed help with the building, we could also buy a consultation package, which we passed on, as I had been involved in several building projects in the past.

They came out and measured the basement, we gave them some of our ideas and then we scheduled an appointment which was all done via the computer on-line. Together we consulted one another over the phone and on-line and the basement was designed right in front of our eyes. They listed to our ideas and incorporated them into the design. They also gave us some ideas that were simply amazing and spectacular and had we not used them, those ideas would never have crossed our minds. Their ideas alone were well worth the money we spent, because those ideas turned our basement into an amazing space. When we were done designing the basement, they emailed us the plans and designs which we had printed at Fed Ex Office at Kinko’s.

When we went to get our local building permit, the plans passed with flying colors and all of our sub-contractors used the plans and we were able to use those plans throughout the building process. We started with great plans, and had we not started with great plans and ideas, the finished project would not have come out as good as it did. We have told the staff at Design Your Basement that the investment was the best investment we made on our basement, because it turned out amazing and wonderful and is now one of the most used areas of our home.

They also gave us a quote to build out our basement if we did not want to do it ourselves. We had received four other bids by other contractors who finished basements and Design Your Basement was the best quote we received, but we wanted to do it ourselves and they understood and did not pressure us in any way. Instead, they have kept in contact and have simply followed up to make sure we were doing Okay and if we needed any help, they were always ready and willing to step in. But, we did fine in the constructions as we hired some great sub-contractors. All of our sub-contractors also wanted to know who designed the basement because they were impressed with the plans and drawings – which were very detailed.
I have referred Design Your Basement to our two brothers and their wives who also live in Colorado and when they start their basements, they said they will probably use this company – after seeing how our project went and how it turned out.

The staff at Design Your Basement are great people who know what they are doing and it has been a pleasure to work with them and without hesitation, if we ever finished another basement, they would be the first people we would call.”

Robert & Susan I.
Parker, Colorado
Actual Review from Angie’s List

“Our experience with has been excellent.

We first interacted with DYB at the Denver Fall Home Show. After trying to engage several other basement remodelers at the show (none of whom knew anything about the process), we stopped by the DYB booth. Scott talked with us for about 15 minutes and explained the design process. When then decided to move forward and contract for a basement design. Scott was patient and professional, designing a workable space that met our wants. He also provided recommendations that we had not considered. Finally, the price was very affordable.”

Kurt M.
Aurora, CO

“What a joy it was to design our basement with the expertise of Scott Stephens and the design team of Amazing Basement Creations. We encountered the company at the Denver Home Show, along with many others but this group of people really stood out.

We had a web-consultation to find out how we wanted to use our basement space and then instantly Scott began the layout. Right on our computer screen our basement plans started taking shape instantly along with our input as well as Scott’s. It was so much fun! They even added furnishings and virtual images of the finished product to give us a real sense of the final basement project!

We don’t think they could have made it any more convenient, professional, and enjoyable for us.”

K&R Powers
Golden, CO

“I wanted to write you and tell you of the great experience we had while using your basement design service. Particularly, Nicole and I were blown away by how streamlined the process was to design the basement. You came to measure our basement at noon and presented us the full plan by 7pm, and it was perfect. The software you use was incredible for us to see in color 3D how our basement remodel was going to look. As you know, we did talk to one other basement contractor in Denver. After three weeks of waiting for traditional drawings, we still did not have anything to look at, and ultimately gave up on the other basement builder. I highly recommend to a new client looking to finish their basement space. Thanks for everything!”

Thank you,
Denver, CO

“A big “Thanks” to Scott Stephens! Scott finished our basement three years ago. Earlier this year, Colorado’s expansive soil caused our floating concrete slab to shift, opening cracks in the walls and shifting the door frames so the doors wouldn’t close properly. We called Scott and, even though the warranty period had expired, he put together a team of skilled craftsmen to make repairs and restore our basement to its original, pristine condition. Thanks, Scott! We’re so happy we chose Design Your Basement.”

David and Tonda
Littleton, CO

“I wanted to write a letter about Scott Stephen’s and Design Your Basements outstanding customer service and warranty. I am impressed with the level that Scott cares about his clients and their homes. Our basement was finished last year by Scott and it was a wonderfully smooth and stress free process. But the thing that most impressed me about Scott and his company is the products and work that he stands behind. This year we had a pipe burst and some water damage, which our insurance took care of, we didn’t even think to call Scott. After it was repaired we got in touch with Scott and he immediately came out to inspect the house and the basement and found that there was nail that was accidentally driven into one of the pipes. Scott reimbursed us for our $500 deductible and I know that in many other cases, other contractors would have never even returned my phone call or come out to look at our house.

Our experience even a year later has been outstanding and we would highly recommend Scott to anyone in Colorado who is seriously considering finishing their basement. Scott Stephens the owner is a high integrity and trustworthy individual, who has created a solid company that, specializes in basements.”

Greg and Rachel
Denver, CO