Getting Started

Free Consultation and Design Presentation
The first step in designing your new basement remodel is to join us online for a complimentary meeting, which usually takes around 15 minutes. During this meeting, we will show you our online 3D design process and view a collection of photos taken before and after the completed designs were built as well as the steps taken to ensure these outstanding results. After the informational meeting, you will decide if is the right choice for you.
Measuring Your Future Space
Once you have decided that we are the best fit for your project, we will measure your space. If you are in Colorado or Salt Lake City, Utah area one of our team members will come to your home to measure. Our team will need access to the space for 2-4 hours depending on the number of elements that must be measured for your design.

National clients will have the guidance of one of our team members to perform a self-measure. Our step by step instructions will guide you in providing us with preliminary information to create a basic perimeter shape as well as the necessary photos to ensure all elements are captured. During the measure meeting, you will have the ability to view the drafting process of the existing space using GoToMeeting to ensure all dimensions are correct and necessary components placed.
Preparing to Design
Before the design, using tools and resources provided by your designer, you will have the opportunity to share any styles, concepts, architectural features, finishes, etc. that you would like to implement into your project. However, if you have no idea where to begin, our designer is happy to assist you with all necessary decisions.
Design Process
The first meeting with your designer will start with discussing any of the “must haves”, desires, ideas, style, or feel you want to achieve with your space. At this point, please share any information that would impact the design such as budget for build, plans to sell the home, creating a separate dwelling unit with the space, etc.

Next, your designer will propose layout possibilities, begin to draw rough wall placement, and show you instant 3D renders of how the space would look once built. You will receive guidance, the opportunity to try alternative ideas, and time to process the design layout as needed. Your designer will wait to continue to the next phase until you give the stamp of approval that the layout is finalized.

Once the layout is finalized, you and your designer will assist you with making decisions on the more detailed aspects of your project. Your designer will show you examples and provide information to assist you in implementing features such as decorative architectural elements, ceiling designs to hide ducts and beams, lighting types and layout, flooring, cabinetry and island concepts, bathroom fixtures, storage ideas, solutions to hide any mechanical, posts, sumps, etc., and any other elements involved with the completion of your design.

After the decisions for the detailed aspects of your project have been finalized, your designer will create a final draft of your 2D blueprint as well as highly detailed 3D renderings. During your final meeting, you will review the 2D blueprint with all dimensions and associated construction notes as well as view your future project in 3D and see your new space come to life.
Receiving Your Plans
After your final review, the designer will prepare your layout which is ready to submit to the building department, elevations, and many 3D JPEG images of the space you’ve created. At this time, your designer will explain additional services we offer including building your design (Colorado & Utah) and consulting services for clients we serve in any area. Following the design process, please contact your designer at any time if we can provide further assistance.
Let’s Connect
Call us at 720-984-3673 or email us for your FREE online design consultation. We will arrange a time to meet you and answer any questions you have.