FAQ: Why do I need a basement design?

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Why do I need a basement design to finish my basement? At DesignYourBasement.com we get this question a lot. The answers to this go to the heart of why we started DesignYourBasement.com.

Save time and money with a basement design

Basement design by DesignYourBasement.com

An actual basement rendering from DesignYourBasement.com

When remodeling a home, some people like the idea of flying by the seat of their pants, they love change orders and have an unlimited budget to pay for those changes. But that is not reality. Most of us have limits on what we can afford and invest into our homes and we have one chance to get it right. HGTV had a great video of a well-intentioned couple that started without a design and built the project on their own. After the project went south, they got the experts to come in and help. basement designs save you time and money.

It’s easier to get more accurate bids from contractors on your project when you have a basement design because you can compare apples-to-apples. In addition, blueprints help determine up front the materials needed for the project, which makes it easier to shop for supplies and find better prices.

At DesignYourBasement.com, not only do we offer basement designs with 3D renderings, but we also offer a consulting option where we create a timeline and complete materials list to help you plan and execute your project. We also have experienced teams across the country ready to build your basement project from start to finish. We have made deals with national suppliers to help reduce the cost of materials and get the job done on time and on budget.

Get on the same page

Having a basement design for your basement project is essential to getting everyone, from the owners to the contractors, on the same page. It’s important to make all your decisions at the beginning so there’s less opportunity for confusion or disagreement down the road. Everyone involved who has a say on the project has a chance during this stage to set the direction for the project.

When completing a basement there are a lot of things to think about and many trades involved. Electric, drywall, plumbing, lighting, carpentry and more are all part of the process. Basement designs provide clear instructions for you and the construction team and help determine exactly what materials need to be purchased and the order in which your project should proceed.

Maximize your basement’s potential

If you’re planning a “do it yourself” basement, it’s likely the one and only time you will work on a basement. Our trained experts on the other hand have designed and built hundreds of basements and can find ways to maximize your basement’s potential. We believe more in DIT, or “do it together,” than DIY.

A 3D basement rendering from DesignYourBasement.com.

An actual 3D rendering for a DesignYourBasement.com client.

We see opportunities to increase space and storage and can make your basement more inspiring and family friendly, because we know what to look for in a design. Our designers can help guide you and give you a detailed picture of what your basement will look like right away. With our instant 3D rendering capability, you can see what your basement will look like before it’s finished. You don’t have to build it only to realize you have spent a lot of money and could have done something better.

We could go on forever, but if you need more inspiration, visit our gallery and see why Houzz awarded us with the Houzz Best of 2014 for Service award. If you’re thinking about getting a basement design, visit our “Contact Us” page to get a free consultation.


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