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Houzz Secret Doorways ArticleSecret doorways can be a fun way of maximizing space in your basement and improve its beauty and design. Design Your Basement was recently featured by in the Houzz blog post on secret doorways – “How to Create a Secret Doorway Behind a Bookcase.”

Hide Unsightly Equipment

Sump pumps are useful, but not very attractive. Unfortunately, you can’t just put them behind a wall and call it a day. Local housing codes (and common sense) require that sump pumps be accessible. This is the same for central air systems, water heaters and other common household utilities. Secret doorways can provide the access you need for these while preserving the design of your basement. It’s a nice upgrade from your standard closet door.

Secret Doorways Provide Function

These doors can be used as book shelves, art nooks and more. They can open to hidden rooms, utility closets and the outdoors. What’s important is that when they’re closed, they have a purpose, which is both functional and beautiful. Design Your Basement can help you discover the possibilities and recommend where and when these doors can be used.


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