Why DYB?

DesignYourBasement.com helps homeowners create the most thoughtful, joy-inspiring living space possible during a basement remodel or finish. When we develop & design your plan, we talk about your desires and needs and the best ways that your new basement remodel will accomplish them. We will discuss what rooms you want to create and how those rooms will be used and enjoyed throughout the years in your new basement.

The best plans result from thoughtful collaboration. A great plan creatively maximizes the enjoyment of your new basement space and this outcome is the result of leveraging our years of experience in the contracting industry. Experience comes from doing and we have been creating and dreaming up ways to maximize the enjoyment of living spaces and basements for over 26 years.


Our credentials:

  • 3,800 basement designs/blueprints and counting
  • 1,480 completed basements built
  • 89 custom homes, ranging from 4,000 to 25,000 square feet in size
  • Our service is available nationwide in the U.S. as well as Canada


Call 720-378-2523 or email us TODAY to schedule your FREE Online Design Meeting to discuss your basement project.

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Plan. Design. Build!

The first step in designing your new basement remodel is to join us online for a complimentary meeting, which usually takes around 15 minutes. During this meeting, we will show you our online 3D design process and view a collection of photos taken before and after the completed designs were built as well as the steps taken to ensure these outstanding results. After the informational meeting, you will decide if DesignYourBasement.com is the right choice for you.


Now it’s time for DesignYourBasement.com to come to your home to measure your basement space and take photographs. Once the measurements are completed, we will meet online and begin designing your new basement remodel together. The design happens right before your eyes while you are in the comfort of your own home. You have total control and direct input into the creation of your plans.


During the plan review meeting, we will walk through your completed plan in 3D for your final approval. In just five days from our initial design meeting, your completed blueprints will be ready for your use to build yourself or have contractors bid your blueprints.  


Call us at 720-378-2523 or email us for your FREE online design consultation. We will arrange a time to meet you and answer any questions you have.

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Blueprinting & Consultation


Full set of blueprints for your basement created through the collaborative online process with DesignYourBasement.com.

Includes electronic files of the plans, elevations and 3D renderings of the final design as well as 18″ x 24″ printout to be picked up from your local FedEx or preferred print shop.
Perfect for a “Do-It-Yourselfer” who is familiar with reading blueprints as well as any contractor you are hiring to finish out your basement.

Consulting Services

Consultation with the professionals at DesignYourBasement.com to help you through questions on your build out.

Custom Bookshelf Doors

Order your custom Hidden Bookcase Doors from DesignYourBasement.com today! Handcrafted in custom finishes and sizes. Shipped anywhere in the United States and ready to be installed by your local skilled craftsman. Call us now at 720-378-2523 to start designing your new Custom Bookshelf Doors.

Call for more details! 720-378-2523

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